What We Do


For both the town’s Selleck’s Woods and the Darien Land Trust’s Dunlap Woods (50 acres):


  • Maintain trails and signs
  • Encourage nature education and appreciation, particularly among young people
  • Organize nature projects and tours with the Darien Nature Center, Darien Land Trust and the Town
  • Cut and place large stepping logs on bogged trails
  • Interface with Park and Rec, Darien Land Trust and office block administrators
  • Plant and transplant appropriate trees and shrubs
  • Forest management
  • Restore old stone walls
  • Deal with flooded trails
  • Build (5) bridges and maintain them
  • Remove fallen trees and branches, garlic mustard etc.
  • Maintain bird feeders and wood duck boxes
  • Protect critical habitat (please help protect the fragile lake shoreline. Remind dog owners to leash)
  • Clean graffiti and intercept interlopers (usually cyclists)
  • Remove beer cans, bottles and broken glass
  • Remove debris in the lake
  • Maintain an observation book and two notice boards
  • Provide trail maps
  • Protect our 501(c)3 tax-free status

Board of Directors

Chairman - Wouter Goedkoop

President - Chris Filmer

Treasurer - Wouter Goedkoop

Secretary - Kathy Cramer

Andrea Atkinson

Tom Parnon

Barnaby Taylor

David Morris

Sig Buchmayr

Michael Sgroe


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